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Saturday, May 27, 2006

X-Men 3: The Last Stand Movie Review

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellan, Famke Janssen, Patrick Stewart, Kelsey Grammar, Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Aaron Stanford, Ben Foster, Dania Ramirez, Daneil Cudmore, Cameron Bright, Vinne Jones, James Marsden, Rebecca Romijn


Plot: The movie starts out 20 years ago. Charles Xavier, also called Professor X (Patrick Stewart), is with his very old friend Erik Lensherr, Magneto (Ian McKellan). They are in a small neighborhood going to the house of young Jean Grey. She is a very gifted girl. They go in to persuade her to attend Xavier's School For Gifted Children. They talk a bit and then the story goes 10 years back from the present day (10 years ago) where we join a young boy in a bathroom, hand on his back, crying. His father comes to the closed door and orders him to open it, but he won't. The boy was scraping his back which had wings on it. We then go a few years in the future from today (I know, a bit confusing, it means the near future) where Storm (Halle Berry) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) are in a virtual training course with three students, Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) who can make ice, Kitty Pride, also called ShadowCat (Ellen Page) who can walk through walls, and Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) who can turn into steel. These three are training to be X-Men. They are battling and stuff. Finally, Wolverine finishes the fight and Storm and he think the three students are ready to be X-Men. Just then we join Scott Summer, Cyclops (James Marsden) who is still grieving over Jean's death in the last film. He travels to the dam from the last movie where she died. There he hears voices and all of a sudden, Jean pops up out of the water. They kiss and hug and Cyclops discovers that Jean can now control Cyclops' eye beams. So they kiss a little more, and she opens her eyes scaringly, and next scene. Well anyway, we join the wonderful big blue guy Dr. Henry McCoy, Beast (Kelsey Grammar) who is a cabinet member to the president. The government has captured Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) and they are trying to get the location of Magneto. She kills them of course and it taken on a truck. At the school, Storm and Professor X see Beast for a nice reunion. He tells them that a pharmecutical company has developed a mutant power antibody. What this means is is that it takes your mutant powers away if you get injected. Not all mutants are for this. Some mutants have a meeting about this "cure". Mageneto then tries to recruit these mutants for an army to battle the humans over this. Him and his sidekick, Pyro (Aaron Stanford) recruit one named Callisto (Dania Ramirez) who is fast, Arclight who creates shockwaves, Psylocke with telepathic powers, and Kid Omega which had the powers to cover his body in spikes. With these, he's made. They then try to find Mystique who is still on the truck along with a few other mutants. Magneto intercepts the truck and rescues her along with Juggernaut, who's strong, and Multiple Man, who can multiply. But then the guard shoots Mystique with his gun that has needles containing the mutant "cure" and Mystique loses her powers. Magneto leaves her there, nude.

Back at the school, Professor X senses something happened to Cyclops at that lake and sends Wolverine and Storm to investigate. They find Jean lying there in rocks and take her back to the school to treat her. There, Professor X tells Wolverine that Jean has a different personality known as "Dark Phoenix". Professor X is trying to control her so she doesn't wake up as Dark Phoenix. Then later, the professor leaves and puts her under a machine, Wolverine by her side. All of a sudden, she wakes up and almost has sex with Wolverine (go Logan!) Then Wolverine stops her and asks where Cyclops is. She tells him that she accidently killed him, but it wasn't her, it was Dark Phoenix. Then she escapes. She goes back to her old house. Magneto wants to recruit her now, her being so powerful. They both travel there to get her, and Professor X and Jean end up getting into a big mind battle. Jean kills Professor X. He explodes and Wolverine is witness.

Tons of mutants are protesting the mutant "cure". The first mutant vaccinated is planned to be Warren Worthington III, Angel (Ben Foster) who's father invented this vaccine. Angel refuses and flies away.

Back at the school, there is a funeral for Professor X. Everyone is sad. Especially Kitty. So Bobby (Iceman) goes into her room to try to cheer her up. He sees that she has ice skates and takes her to the fountain in front of the school. Rogue is watching out the window, jealous that Kitty is skating with Bobby. So Rogue decides that she wants the mutant vaccine. She wants to touch people.

Magneto takes his mutant army, including Jean Grey, to a forest area. The army discover this area, thanks to Mystique, and they travel there. They find out that all the people that they found on their radar were just copies of Multiple Man.

Magneto and his mutant army are trying to go to Alcatrez Island where the mutant "cure" was created. Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge over (AWESOME SCENE) and they are intercepted by the army. The army is now equipped with plastic weapons being that they know if their weapons are metal, then Magneto can take them. Magneto is on the island to capture Jimmy, also known as the Leech (Cameron Bright) who's mutant power is that if you go near him, your mutant power doesn't work. This is how they invented the mutant "cure". But the X-Men are ready. Wolverine, Storm, Beast (to replace Rogue), Kitty (ShadowCat), Iceman, and Colossus. They get on their ship and travel to the island. There, there is an epic battle between Magneto's army, and the army and the X-Men. Kitty needs to go inside to rescue Jimmy (Leech) but is chased by Juggernaut. She finally gets to Jimmy and defeats Juggernaut. Outside, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine find some of the mutant "cure" that were used in the army's guns. They decide the only way to stop Magneto is to give him the cure. They trick him, and he is vaccinated. No more Magneto. Jean Grey then takes over by using her amazing power to destroy everything. Wolverine has no choice, he has to kill her. He does. The war is over, and everyone is safe.

At the end, Beast is promoted in the government. Everyone else is happy and the school is better than ever, Storm taking Professor X's place. Then at the end, Magneto is sitting in a park with a chessboard with metal chess pieces. After being injected with the mutant "cure" the great Magneto is a normal person. He then puts his hand in front of a chess piece, it moves a bit, then credits.

IMPORTANT: When you see X-Men 3, make sure you stay after the credits. There is a special scene that hints a possible X-Men 4. But really, it's a crutial scene.

My View: This movie was great. There's eveything you want in an X-Men movie. It has great Wolverine fight scenes, awesome special effects, more emphasis on the Storm character, and a ton of mutants and their amazing powers. It's awesome to see these powers. Definitely a great movie worth seeing over and over again. Ton and I have been waiting for this one for years, and the wait was worth it. X-Men 3: The Last Stand gets 5 mutants that join Magneto to fight again the mutant "cure", out of 5. Zam, out.

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