Gamer Mania 2

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's Next?

Ok, this is a new segment we're doing where we joke about how weird the ideas for games are getting and making our own game title we think is coming soon.

Lego Star Wars was definitely an excellent idea, but what's next? Are they gonna do Lego American Idol? Oh man, that game would be GREAT. You get to customize your own contestants to be part Simon, part Ryan Seacrest, and part Clay Aiken. Oh what a voice on that thing. Sounds like a gay, nasily british person. Oh I can see it now. The only problem with this game is that Lego's don't talk or at that sing. In Lego Star Wars no one said a thing they just did facial expressions. But everyone would love that to not hear Lego Simon say his comments and no more "Yo dawg" from Lego Randy (actually I would miss that). And no more "You did your thing" from a Lego Paula who's wearing a LEGO thong (ouch).

All we can say is, if this game comes out, What's Next?



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