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Monday, October 02, 2006

Marked-Down Mondays: The Equivalent of Pr0n To Cheap-Skates.

Yay, MDM is here. And for today's edition, we have three deals, all to do with memory.

The first one is a Mini SD card for you cell phone and other small electronics, but it has a large SD card converter for bigger things. All for the low, lovely price of only.....$17.95! You can't get this anywhere else. This usually goes for around $35. And the shipping is FREE! Get it HERE.

Next up is a 1GB Flash Drive. It's a nice Kingston one that should last. And it's only........$24.99! You usually can't get these for that price. The usual price is $59.99!!!! THAT'S 50% OFF! Get it HERE.

Finally, if 1GB is not big enough for you, why not step it up to 2GB. And do I have a deal for you. You can get a 2GB Flash Drive for only.......$37.95!! That's LOW. It goes for a lot at other places, and this is a nice, low price for a 2GB! Get it HERE.

So, I hope you enjoyed Marked-Down Mondays this week, and hope that these deals will help you with all your portable storage needs.



  • Thank you very much Zam you just saved my arse, I was about to post saying it would be tomorrow as I feel rather and tired. Thanks for picking it up :).

    By Blogger Ton, at 1:11 AM  

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