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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Halo Wars and A new Halo game by Peter Jackson!!!!

A trailer begins. There's a Warthog from Halo. Lots of them. They're tearing through a barren field with a few Scorpions. Another group of space marines is under attack. The Covenant wipes out the last of that group and prepares for the incoming Warthogs. A full-scale battle erupts, with tons of vehicles left and right. Spartan Group Omega shows up. "If they want war, we'll give 'em war." A logo for "Halo Wars" appears. The game is apparently a real-time strategy title for the Xbox 360 EXCLUSIVELY. Its official Web site is now live.

Yeeeaaaah, biaches! I would have never guessed this was coming, but hey I know I sure as hell ain't complaining. RTS games are awesome, and Halo is cool so this should be a very good game. Watch the trailer.

Jackson takes the stage to hollers and loud applause. He says the first project has been in the works for about a year. He talks about a "not quite a game, not quite a film" experience. He wants to take stories that could become films but maybe won't, and bring them into the world of games.

8:06: The game will be based on Halo!!! It's not Halo 4, and it's not the film, but it will be based in the world of Halo. It will NOT be a traditional game. Is this the much-rumored "Forerunner" game?

8:07: Jackson speaks! "Instead of making a film, we [will] make a form of entertainment that you can watch and enjoy like you would a film," but with interactive elements, he says. Jackson thinks the technology is to the point where games and film can blend, "and the fun of this is going to be figuring out where they can blend." He says it won't be especially for the hardcore game crowd. Moore says this means Microsoft is working on Halo beyond the movie, and Bungie is working on content beyond Halo 3. There will also be an all-new series based on stories from Jackson and Walsh.

Wow, two Halo games in a day, what in the world could MS have done better? This one especially interests me because it sounds like something totally new, in the world of something familiar. But having two Halo FPS (and Halo Wars) games come out in a year (probably) seems like a bit of overkill...

Yet, no news on Halo 3 except an announcement that a big announcement will be made by the end of the year.. Seems like a cruel joke by Bungie, I guess they like having love/hate relationships.


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