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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

X06: MS is getting good at this

First off, Microsoft snatched up exclusivity on Irrational Games' Bioshock. Chosen by GameSpot editors earlier this year as the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 Game of the Show, Bioshock was previously slated to be released on the PC and "next-generation console systems." An Xbox 360 version was shown behind closed doors at the event.

Another big exclusivity announcement from the media briefing was that the next installment of Splinter Cell would be coming only for Microsoft's next-gen console and the PC. And by "next installment," Microsoft didn't mean Splinter Cell: Double Agent, which hits multiple platforms later this year and was shown off with a new trailer. It was referring to the Splinter Cell game after Double Agent, which came to light just last week when assets for a whole slate of Ubisoft titles, including Splinter Cell 5, accidentally hit the Web.

Sony.. you better be watching your asses guys, if this is a sign of things to come, Microsoft is getting hella' good at this game dealing business and they already sort of have the upper hand. This is great for them though, SC5 and Bioshock are both gigantic games and are going to be huge hits to not just Sony, but Nintendo too in terms of SC5. I did not know MS has this in them to be honest. And there's more:

At Microsoft's X06 event currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft's corporate vice president of marketing Peter Moore gave gamers the latest on what's in store for GTAIV on Xbox Live Marketplace. He announced that Rockstar Games is working on two downloadable packs for the game--to be made available within months of the game's release.

A press release issued during the conference said only that the packs would add "hours of entirely new gameplay" to GTA4. No additional details on the downloadable packs were released, but industry sources have said they will be along the lines of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in terms of length.

Whoaaaa, what in the world? Downloadable content the size of a full game?! That is totally crazy and once again, MS has done great with exclusivity.


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