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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

007: From Russia With Love Preview

I have a jetpack and yooooooou don't na-na-na-boo-booThe last game I will be previewing in my Preview Marathon is 007: From Russia With Love for the PS2, XBOX, and Gamecube. First of all, I think the 007 games are really cool. The good thing about them is that you can play them in 2 different ways, the Splinter Cell - stealthy way or the Halo - kill every single thing you see moving way. I prefer the second way. I like the 3rd person view they are going with like in Everything or Nothing. The real bad thing about the James Bond games is they are all linear (A single path). BUUUUT EA learned and this time it is non-linear (More then one path). This time Sean Connery is voicing James Bond, which seems right since he was the best of all (1000) James Bonds. This game is also different from the others in the sense that it is based in the 60's. That means.....I...Don't get to drive the Aston Martin? No, that's not true, you still get to drive AN Aston Martin, it's just old. That's...not new cars. Oh well I'll get over it I guess. This game is going to have pretty much the exact same story as the movie did. There are a few new features. You can climb over small hedges and climb over walls. Wow, that's really special. I can do all that stuff in real life and I'm not a spy (or maybe I am.....) ! I still think they need new cars in it. Also, the addition of being able to zoom with any weapon seems like a very good idea. When you zoom in, you will also be able to target certain areas, like if the person is carrying a grenade, you could target it and blow it up, killing the person (if they hadThat has got to be the most dangerous thing in the world,flying with a flamethrower the new cars then you could just run over the person but noooooooo they can't put in the cars). Another interesting thing is that if you perform certain types of moves like headshots, you get points and schematics. They can each be used to upgrade Bond - himself and his weapons. That ability transforms this game into kind of an RPG game. There is the addition of melee attacks, the Q-Copter (A self destructing mini helicopter - Oooh Ahhh), you will still be able to rappel down buildings like in Everything or Nothing, and a very old-fashioned jetpack which makes you Super Bond! There will be a multiplayer mode like all of the James Bond games before it. No online.....oh well.....if they are getting rid of the new cars they might as well get rid of the other good thing I guess. This game really can't be that good with the lack of online and new cars but then again it may rise up using James' jetpack. I guess we will find out when it is released around the beginning of November.

Preview written by Ton


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