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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Soul Calibur 3 Preview

The Grim Reaper is coming for you this October!I am going to preview what I think is the sequel to the greatest fighting game ever - Soul Calibur 3 for the PS2. What is so great about Soul Calibur is the variety of moves made available because of all the different weapons. In this game there will be around 25 characters including 3 new ones. The new characters are Zasalamel (I am sorry if I spelled your name wrong), Tira, and Setsuka. They all look very cool and very unique. The bad thing is that the old ones really won't have very new moves, but I ain't complaining because they were all awesome before. That is not the only addition to the characters though. You will be able to make your own character! That is getting really common in games so it's no surprise. There are actually going to be 2 types of character creators - one where you make a new character and one where you change the look of the old ones. The second one looks like it will be kind of boring, but it will be really cool to make your own fighter and choose their weapon and everything. It doesn't stop at making your own character though - there's......MORE! You will be able to pick your character's job and then have them learn many different types of fighting as you progress through the game. Also what clothing you put on your character will make up their personality. Iiiiiiinteresting. There will be a ton of stages that look B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I wasn't sure if you knew how to spell it so I did it for you. There will be another story mode which will probably be just like the last one (zzzzzzzzz).You better not swing that thing at me! The good thing is it looks like the story will be different for each character, which means no more switching characters because you can't win with one (I am saddened...). There are going to be about 1000 game modes like there were in SC2. This time there are going to be 2 storyish modes though. I really don't know much about them as of now but they will probably be like the one in SC2. As I said the graphics are incredible. There is no online........Then again it is a fighting game and not many (if any) fighting games have online. Overall this game looks great. The end. Will Soul Calibur 3 fight its way to fame or will it be as bad as Nightmare? We will see how it turns out when it is released around the end of October (October is going to drill a freaking hole right through my wallet!).

Preview written by Ton


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