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Monday, September 12, 2005

Infected Preview

PSP week is coming to an end Tuesday (so sad) so today I am going to write a preview of the upcoming game Infected. Everyone (at least most of the gaming community) has been talking (or thinking) about this game. This is a 3rd person shooter for the PSP. Which is kind of a new genre for the PSP. This game is a very unique shooter though. You play a rookie cop during Christmas time (oh joy).It's raining ketchup! He wants to go home, but he has to work. So while he sits there eating all of his donuts, and sipping his coffee, every human becomes infected with a disease that turns you into a zombie (ah, another normal day for a gamer). Though the funny thing is, that you don't get affected at all, even though you got the disease too. Apparently you drank the magic coffee cup that made you immune (ok that is not true). So you have to go and kill everything that moves (because we all know that solves everything). So you run through the game with you, your "2" gun, and, um....... yeah. Notice I said 2 guns. One gun is a regular loaded with bullets that make a whole in your enemy and though that hole a little mutant monster comes with a new baby monster that is secretly Arnold Schwartzaneggar (ok not really). But you get the idea. The other gun is a special gun that your doctor friend designed. AND ITS SHINY!!! WITH BLOOD, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He took some blood from your arm and extracted it into some bullets. And now you are saying, "But Zam, what is the point of that. Also, is blood shiny?" When lumberjacks attack...Well, first, yes blood can be shiny, and you use this to shoot at the zombies. Since your blood was unaffected by the disease, IT IS THIER WEAKNESS! So you go and shoot them with your blood. YAY! Now lets get on to the big thing they have been talking about. The Multiplayer. Apparently in this multiplayer, once you battle your friend, and if you defeat him, you infect their PSP. Then if you lose your game will take off levels and be infected by so and so's disease. Then they mock you in your levels that you have to redo. Like say I infected Ton's PSP (because he is so bad at shooters) well it would take off some of the levels he defeated. So when he goes and tries to beat those levels, the Zam character is in it as an enemy going na-na-na-na-na. So overall this game seems like a fun game, and we are looking forward to it. So we will have a full review this Holiday Season, (we think).

Preview by Zam


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