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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PSP Review!

Now, for the big finale of PSP week. For the finale I will review the PSP! Yes, the amazing PSP in which everyone wants. This is one that everyone wants. First, the good, like all game reviews. The screen is nice and big. You can see everything clearly. Such as, the games, the videos, and the cool graphics. There is an analog stick! That is really, really cool. And it works very interestingly. The system is very SEXY. Yes, SEXAY. It looks great and it is going to come in different colors too later. There are so many hacks for it. You can watch movies for free, browse the net, charge with a USB 2.0 connecter, put GBA games on it, put games such as Tetris on it, and sooooooo much more. The graphics are incredible on the games. They are the best graphics of any handheld machine ever made. They are incredible. Look crisp clear and actually a little better than the PS2 graphics. The machine can hold soooooo many things. It can hold music, movies, games (not UMDs), and pictures. This is amazing. There is online play on some games. Which is great. Now you can only play online if you have wireless. LIKE MY SCREENAME, WIFIGUY51. In Wipeout Pure you can download content. That is awsome too. Also, Sony has just released version 2.0 of the PSP operating system which you can download at their website. This new system has a built in web browser! Ok, now, the bad presented by me. There is only one analog stick (more like a nub though), so we are probably not going to see a Katamari Damacy game anytime soon. I wish there were two nubbies. There is no R2 or L2 button, which i guess is ok. Most of the games are just being ported from the PS2 with different names which is weird. There is no built in memory, you have to pay $100 to just get 1GB of space, which sucks if you want to put movies on there. The games cost $50 each. That is waaaaaaaaay too much. Also, the system is $250. Which is also waaaaaaaaaaay too much. Ok, so if you want great handheld games and a great handheld machine, then you better get this, if you can afford it. So i give the PSP a definite 5 out of 5.


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