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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Flash For Flash Fridays!

It is Friday, so it is time for some more flash games. Let's start off with a game genre everyone loves, puzzle game. This is actually a really cool one. Fulfillment is a game where you fill this square with puzzle pieces that can't overlap or go out of the square. It is pretty much a regular puzzle. It is fun though. You are timed which makes it challenging, but go try it out. Next for you, I have a game called GunRun. GunRun is a game where you are a little stick figure with a gun and an incredible double jump. You must run up and down hills while shooting your enemies which are alligators. They can be hopping, walking, or flying. While on your journey, you can collect $s which looks like health. This is a nice shooter that is appropiate for the whole family (not really.) The final is Flash Strike. Have you played Counter Strike? Liked it? Well, someone has made an amazing looking replica of this game in Flash!!!! This game looks sooooo good. It is a basic fps where you stand there and shoot. Very, very easy. That wraps up this quick paragraph edition of Flash Fridays, but remember, may all your free online flash games be good ones. Thank you muffin kitten men.


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