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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Am Bored On The Internet........That Is Why I Provide Website Wednesdays!

Yes, we are back with another Website Wednesdays that everyone loves. Today's is for all of you hackers out there. Think you are good? Well, I have a test for you. There is a website that tests you hacking skills called Try2Hack. This site is an EXTREMELY hard test to try to hack to find usernames, passwords, etc..... Ton and I couldn't even get passed level 2. So I want to see how you do. Drop us a comment to see how far you can get until you just give up. If you can't get past lvl. 1, just leave a comment saying that and I guess we will tell you how to do it. So go and enjoy. Yes another edition of Website Wednesdays has just brought it to you. So enjoy this hacking test, if you dare, muhahahahahahahahahahaha.


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