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Monday, October 24, 2005

There Is A New Browser On The Block

There is a new browser just released called Flock. Sure, it is just a browser that is pretty much the same as Firefox or some others, but this one has some more features. Have a blog?? Well this will be very helpful. Right inbetween the "Home" and "Open The Favorites Manager" (also a new feature from other browsers) is a "Create a blog post button." On this while you are searching the web, you open this to make drafts. This is very interesting. Then it even lets you connect to your blog and add the post. It lets you log in and everything. Lets see how it works. This post I did in Flock, so hopefully it will connect. Well, go check it out if you don't want to keep going back to your dashboard to post something. This is very convienent. Go download Flock if you are a blogger, now! It is currently in version 0.5 pre, which means it is for developers, but it will let you download it, don't worry. Thank you for your precious, precious game time.


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