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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Shadowy Tips and Tricks Tuesday

This week, I am working on a special surprise for all of you. I won't be done with it this week, but you will be glad when it is done. No I'm not going to tell you what it is. Anyway, I will be rather busy working on that for a while. So, this is a TTT with just a bunch of Shadow of the Colossus cheats listed.

Play as Dormin-Defeat all sixteen Colossi to unlock Dormin, the demon Colossus.

Brown Agro-Defeat all sixteen Colossi and get all items in Normal Time Attack mode. Then at the title screen, hold Square.

White Agro-Defeat all sixteen Colossi and get all items in Hard Time Attack mode. Then at the title screen, hold Circle.

Reminisce mode-Go to the corpse of the Colossi and press Circle to pray. In this mode, the graphics will change to an old film appearance.

Secret garden-Successfully complete all four modes and have a large amount of stamina. Then, climb the back of the temple you first started in. Climb up the ivy and follow the trail all the way up and around the ledge to the right. Jump across at the other end of the ledge to reach the next set of ivy. Continue on until you get to another ledge above that you must climb around. Once at the other side of this ledge, climb to the right then shimmy across another ledge that leads behind a column. Jump to the ivy-covered column, then continue climbing. The ivy will lead to a walkway. Climb the stairs and walkway to the left of the garden. A sequence will begin and the seventeenth Colossi will appear. Defeat the Colossi to open the path to the top of the temple. Note: Eating fruit from the trees in the garden causes damage.

Alternate ending sequence-Eat fruit from the Secret Garden to reduce your HP as much as possible. Dormin will now be killed when shot by the crossbow, and will alter the following sequences.

Ride a hawk, bird, lizard, or eel-Sneak up behind them and press R1.

Sorry, but that's all...


  • Ok, just to tell all of you, I am doing the same thing that Ton is. So don't think that Ton is the only one with surprises.

    By Blogger Zam, at 3:44 PM  

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