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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nano vs. Video

This is one of the big questions on everyone's mind - Which is better - the iPod Nano or the iPod Video? So, we want your opinions. Which would you buy if you were getting an iPod? The scratch-worthy iPod Nano or the $1.99 iPod Video? Opinions please.


  • I have a mini. I'm so outdated. I think I've used my mini like 10 times so it was a waste of money for me. However, if i were buying one again I'd get video.

    By Blogger asdf, at 6:14 PM  

  • Hmm...I AM getting one of these - A 30 or probably 60GB Video. I don't really see the point in paying a little less for a smaller thing with way less size, no video, and probably less battery. Also I don't want something that breaks 5 minutes after I get it.

    By Blogger Ton, at 8:19 PM  

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