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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Want Cool Stuff? Just Ask

Yes, more cool stuff for my favorite readers. Lets start off with a continuing thing. Remember on my last cool stuff when I showed you the Star Wars EP IV .GIF? Well, they just made a EP V!! This one is still as good and as summarizing as the other, and looks really good. Enjoy. How much is your blog worth? Well find out at Business Opportunities' weblog. They have a little thing where you type in your web address and they tell you how much it is worth. Apparently, ours is worth a lot. See the one near the bottom? That is how much our blog is worth. Ok, ok, so we played with the code to make it that amount, but hey, I know you are going to too. Just go and get yours here. Well anyway, like Katamari Damacy? Like text based adventures? Well this guy turned KD into a little text adventure game. You can't actually play it, but this guy typed it as if it were one. It is pretty fun to read.

My blog is worth $9,204,693.82.
How much is your blog worth?

Just go and read to see what this Katamari Damacy Text Adventure Game is all about. Ok, last one. A really, really hard quiz. More of a puzzle than a quiz. It is called This is definitely one of the HARDEST quizzes/riddles/puzzles I have ever done. I could barely get past level 5 without help. Well, now you have two places to test your skillz. Well, I Zam is really glad he could share all of these things with you. Oh man has it


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