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Sunday, October 23, 2005

News from around the world

Hey all, Zam and I have a few things to say. We are the popular kids in school now, we have gotten 2,000 hits!! It's been just around 2 months, we never thought the blog would be this popular. Granted, a couple hundred have probably been us, but still, it is an accomplishment. Also, our Yahoo Ads have earned $152 in the past week and a half! So thanks for all the hits and ad clickage. Also, a little inside information: I am working on making a website port of the blog. No, once it is up, the blog will not drop over and die, we'll still make sure it is alive and well. One last thing, I am downloading a demo of the sequel to one of my favorite RTS games other then Age of Empires, Outpost 2, and Empire Earth. I am speaking of the space RTS called Earth 2150, and the sequel is called Earth 2160. I will write a little about it so you don't have to waste 360 MB of downloading if it sucks. Remember, peace go good with carrots.


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