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Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is all the news for today, right here

but....I thought shinier was better.......There was a lot of news today, and for once, most of it wasn't about new phones or mp3 players. Speaking of mp3 players, you know the iPod Nano, you know, that thing that is a nanometer big. Well, Apple is being sued because they scratch too easily, hahahaha. I can't say I and everyone else in the world didn't know something like this would happen. Oh wait not everyone else, Sir Jobs didn't know. Also, in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray War, 2 major companies took Blu-Ray's side. Warner Brothers and Paramount, now all they really need is Fox and Blu-Ray will be the dictator of next-gen DVD's. Roman Kriheli created the first total-LCD phone. The whole phone is an LCD display, so it can change Girls everywhere rejoice - the phone of the future is here! Like oh my god!it's function to all sorts of things. It even has an induction charged battery which means you can put it down on a "pad" and it will charge. Of course this is a concept, which is why it is so out there. Just something cool - There is an $880 Levis jacket that is bullet proof - it can even stop a .44 Magnum bullet. You may or may not know about Yahoo's music service that costs $5 a month, well, Yahoo decided they need more money so now it's $10 instead of $5. I think we should all raid the Yahoo headquarters and whack the person that made this change, IT'S HORRIBLE!!! One last story and then story time is over little furballs. In Japan, Sony released a Satin Silver PStwo, however good it may look, it has problems. Many of them can only play 7 PS2 and 40 PS1 titles!!! How cheap of them...Ok well, goodnight little godzilla kittens. Peace and Carrots.


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