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Saturday, November 05, 2005

An Actual Release Website Recap Wedhursdays

Sorry about my last one, I had a really, really bad day. I put up a quick post because I needed to get ready and get some sleep for my trip to DC. This week has not been my best week. I had a lot to do. I wanted to prove myself in this blog this week when Ton told me about his computer problem, but I really disapointed myself along with Chris (the guy who leaves the hate comments to me.) Now to redeem myself with Release Recap Wedhursdays. My first website is In this website you can type in anything that you want to do, and it gives you some instructions. It is very helpful and convenient. It also talks about many cool things and topics. My next is This site is where you type in a band an it gives you similar bands that you would like it you like the band you typed in. It has a really cool map design. You will enjoy it if you want to discover new bands. My final website is the Google Logo Maker. I know, I know, doesn't sound like a website, more of a download, but it is a site, an interesting one. It is actually called logogle. Anyway, you type in what you want Google to be called into the change bar. Then, it opens google homepage, but instead of the google logo, it has your words in google kind of style text. But, there is no "I'm Feeling Lucky" and when you search, you logo is not on anymore, but, it is a good bookmark. Have your own google. I made a Gamer Mania 2 Google search that you can go to. Enjoy!

Ok, now for Releases. This week a few cool games were released and a few not cool games. Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (I know, really weird name, I laughed when I heard it first) was released for the consoles. This is of course a war game. The critics say this has amazing graphics and great gameplay, go found out yourself. A game everyone has been waiting for was released today. From Russia With Love got a great deal of hype at E3 05', now it is finally released. This game is a 007 game based on the old movie. Very big game. Probably the biggest release this week was Star Wars Battlefront 2. This is of course the sequel to what is said to be the most selling Star Wars game. You finally get to fight in space. It is a FPS (first person shooter) if you didn't know. Go check that one out. We have a mini review for it if you need some further info. Next, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness was released for the consoles. This is one of the many Castlevania games, so it is self explanitory. Two games that I really can't explain were released, Rhem 2, and Without Warning. They look interesting by the cover art, but that is all I know. Another is The Hustle: Detroit Streets for the PSP. Again, can't explain it, but it likes like a GTA clone by the cover art.

Now for the bleeh games. The Bible Game (why) was released for the GBA this week. Pretty much you just go through the bible in video game form. This is one of the first of the Christian community trying to teach thier religion in games as it has said in the news. Another one that I know you all have been waiting for was released today. I really want this one. Really interesting. It is Cabage Patch Kids: Where's My Pony (oh what a title, what a title.) Of course, by the title, you most likely search for your pony in a kid oriented game. Who knows, maybe it will be the best game of 2005. It could be like the New York Yankees, always come back when they are down.

I hope you guys can forgive me for this week. I have really been busy. In the future if Ton is off, I promise full segments with great detail. Thank You.


  • Ok well...Everyone knows About, but the other 2 are pretty good. I'm excited about COD2: BRO and Castlevania Curse of Darkness.

    By Anonymous Chris, at 9:35 PM  

  • By the way, the last 2 pictures are a little messed up: move the first up and the second down.

    By Anonymous Chris, at 9:36 PM  

  • that google name maker thing was pretty cool.

    By Blogger asdf, at 9:45 PM  

  • Yeah it's coolio

    By Blogger Ton, at 10:00 PM  

  • Thank you, some respect. I will do that now Chris. Next week I will have a website for you where you can make Star Wars symbol thing, Nintendo, Yahoo, etc. So, did I redeem myself.

    By Blogger Zam, at 10:15 PM  

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