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Thursday, October 27, 2005

In Other News....

There are only a few things that happened today in the news. First, Zoom, the company that makes the electronics vending machines, has decided to expand from the 2 airports they are already in. They say by 2007, they should have 10,000 machines. That means you can just go to your airport to get a new iPod Nano and watch it break when it falls out of the vending machine! Also, Apple has announced that for a limited time, they will replace the new Video iPods no matter what happens to them - even if it is abuse! This probably is an effect of the Nanos breaking so easily. This means 2 things. First: Break your new iPod now! Second: The new iPods probably have some kind of problem. The other thing that happened today was Google revealing some stuff about their wifi network. They said they will offer free 300kbps wireless internet (That's 6 times faster then the Charter high speed I get for $40 a month!), with faster being available for a cost. Of course, the network is only being installed in San Fransico for now.


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