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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Release Recap

Some pretty awesome games came out this week. I'll start off with 2 portable games. First off, we have Mario and Luigi 2: Partners in Time on the DS. According to people I know that have played it, this game is awesome, so make sure to pick this up, I know I will. The other portable game is Burnout Legends DS. Like I said a few days ago, Nintendo Power said this game is horrible. So, avoid it if you can. The biggest release this week would have to be Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. I mean come on ppl, it's PoP. If you've seen pics of the Dark Prince, you probably already know it's awesome. But if you haven't, I'll tell you. It's awesome. There, happy now? Ok then. Here's a sports game for all you sports fans out there - College Hoops 2K6 on PS2. I don't know what to say about this game. If you like College basketball.....go get it I guess.....I don't know....Stop asking me. Now I come to Guild Wars Special Edition. The game looks great - I mean come on, free MMO just like WoW. However, it isn't worth the extra $20 for the special edition, you don't get much extra. Here's another portable game called PoPoLa Crois. I think it's some kind of puzzle game for the PSP. I wouldn't bother with this, just go get the king of all puzzle games - Lumines. What? Another puzzle game? Oh! It has Mario in it! Must get game, must get game. It's called Puzzle League. WAIT! That's not the Mario part. It also has Dr. Mario on it. So, 2 games in one. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this is for GBA. I can imagine that any and all Mario/puzzle game/classic game fanboys will pick this up before you can say Playstation Portable. Ok, now here's a hardware release that I think I mentioned a while ago. The Mario Kart DS bundle. This is great if you like A) Like red B) Don't have a DS and C) Want Mario Kart DS. Heck, you even save $10. Guess what? They even included little racing decals for all the 5 year olds out there and the adults who act like they're 5. La la la....ooh what's this? A 2 GB PSP Memory stick? Cool...hmm...let's seeee...where's the price tag? Oh here it la la...WHAT?!?!?! $200?!?!?! I CAN GET A 4 GB PSP HARD DRIVE AND AN EXTRA BATTERY NOT FROM SONY FOR THAT MUCH. Screw you Sony. That's pretty much it. It was a pretty quiet week this week. So thank you and sionara (I spelled it wrong on purpose to make you think I'm an idiot. Wait a second....DID I spell it wrong?).


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