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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Website Wednesday

Ok guys, this is gonna be a quick WW, I've been doing a lot of research today on stuff like dual-core videocards, so I don't have that much time. However, I do still have 3 sites for you. First off is a site called SurveyMonkey. This is pretty cool for all you bloggers out there. Now you can ask your readers if they like licking their ears in survey form! Ok, next. A cool site called Someth;ng. They have the low-down on new things that are works in progress like guitars that run off speech. Also, they have stuff like Someth;ng going on and Someth;ng happened.I think it is better viewed in browsers like Opera though, not Firefox. Ok, last is something for all you artists out there. A comic strip maker called StripGenerator. Sure, the names of the items might be in portugese, but there are a ton of them. And it sure is worth it if you're going to be the next big comic creator, who would like to thank the StripGenerator. By the way, once again, don't use Firefox on this. It simply won't show up, use Opera.


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