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Friday, December 02, 2005

Google Earth

I dunno why, but today, I felt like playing with Google Earth. I realized they have a new version (3.0). Man, have they made it good. If you haven't downloaded this yet, make sure you do. In this version, of course there's the globe. In this one, all of it isn't flat! They have actually made some of the landscape 3-D, which is really awesome. For instance, you can actually fly through the Grand Canyon! So it's really cool and stuff. Aside from that, they have streamlined the interface a lot. Also, now there is a GE Community in which you can download little thingies that pinpoint certain locations on the map such as lighthouses. It's pretty cool considering the level of detail the maps provide. Of course you can use it to get directions to some place from your house or wherever. That's pretty good for free software. You can also do searches like "Hotels near Los Angeles" and it'll show you any hotel hear LA and give you links to stuff about them. So overall, it's pretty cool for a free program. So do yourself a favor and download it here.


  • looks pretty cool. i'll have to check it out

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:19 PM  

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