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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Creative vs. iPod?

Back in 2000, Creative marketed the first digital music player, the Nomad. Later on, Apple introduced a similar player known as the iPod. They have been rivals ever since with Apple leading in the digital music player market with Creative trying to keep up in a close second. In August, Creative won the US patent for a system used to navigate music on digital players (more specificely, on the way music tracks are organised and navigated on a player through a hierarchical sytem using three or more screens.) The brand new iPod Video has a strikely close resemblance to the look of the brand new Creative Zen Vision: M. Although the iPod Video came out before, Creative's founder and head honcho Sing Wong Hoo claims that Creative didn't copy iPod because Creative had the look already made for over a year now. This is causing Creative to start leaning towards a lawsuit against Apple. This has not been confirmed but Sing Wong Hoo has hinted towards BBC saying that they are going to "persue aggressively" on their US patent. Creative is probably going to wait to see if their new system sells as they are saying that the technology is much better than the new iPod because of its FM tuner and built-in microphone. If Creative does sue Apple, that would be an amazing lawsuit. You can read what BBC has to say at this link. So, what do you think, will Creative try to take a bite out of the all powerful Apple?


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