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Monday, January 02, 2006

Marked Down Monday

Sorry guys, but this is gonna be a list again. Zam and I have been playing a game online all night, sorry. However, I have a bunch of good deals still:
  • Tons of $9.99 DVDs - Great movies like The Notebook, Constantine, Kingdom of Heaven, and Anchorman for only $10, linkidy link link.
  • If you happen to go into Target, you can get DVDs like Be Cool, Phantom of the Opera, and Hotel Rwanda for $10
  • Also, while you're at Target, if you happen to stumble upon Ultimate Spiderman [console], Nintendogs, or GUN, you'll notice that the price tag has been cut to $25
  • Prince of Persia: Two Thrones in all it's glory - only $30!!!!!!! For some very odd and stupid reason people haven't been buying it...Linky goodness (PS2 version)!
  • The first sale on a 360 game - Quake 4 for $50
  • Lastly, not a deal, but a contest. If you buy anything at Best by the 6th, you will have a chance at winning an iPod Nano or an XBOX


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