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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nintendo Revolution Logo Revealed, An Accident, Or A Prediction?

Ever search around an important website and find info that is accidently placed there and you weren't supposed to see it for a while later? Ehh, I think I have once, but it might have happened on the official website of the game developer Blitz Games. Apparently, on their website under the "Corporate" tab on their site, there are a few game console logos on the side showing which consoles/handhelds their games will be involved with. Well just earlier today, people have discovered that they have a Nintendo Revolution logo on there. Nintendo has not revealed their logo yet, but they have probably showed it to those who they are working with. But I checked today, and they took it down. So, was it real? Did someone from Blitz Games accidently put it there, put it there for publicity, for fun, maybe made their own logo in photoshop as a prediction, but then get publicity in the long run. Maybe so, but who knows. Well, last year, there was also a leaked logo (this one a sheet with multiple logos on it) which origins are still unknown of. So I guess we can only see what happens. I wonder what Nintendo thinks of this.


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