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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ton's Song of the Week

So, Zam and I have been brainstorming stuff to do on this here bloggy, and we came up with two ideas. One I'm gonna do which is what I'm doing right now: I'll find a song I think's really good once a week and post about it. It'll be called "Ton's Song of the Week" as you can see by the title. Most of the time I'll do a country, rock, or sometimes pop song, but sometimes I'll do something totally random. Before I talk about the other thing, I should thank Doug for giving me the idea to do this. Ok, now to the thing Zam's considering doing. Wait. I'm not going to tell you that. That's a surprise. Yeah. We're gonna make you wait. What now?

This week, my song of the week comes from Chris Cagle's Anywhere But Here. If you've heard anything from this CD on the radio or on TV, I'd probably be Miss Me Baby. However, I'm not here to tell you about that song. I'm talking about the title song, which is obviously called Anywhere But Here. The style of ABH is relatively like Miss Me Baby. It's relatively slow and kind of sad, but that doesn't make it bad. It talks about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend because she had to move away and he promised her he wouldn't be sad. However, when her dad finds him, he's drinking and pretty poor. He tells her dad that he doesn't want her to know he's doing so badly, so he tells him to tell her he's "Anywhere But Here". Wait. I'll make it easier. I'll summarize it my way. A girl dumps a guy because she wants to move away from him because he most likely stalks her. Then he gets drunk. Then some guy finds the other guy and says he'll lie to the girl and won't tell her that he's about as drunk as a pig. Got it? Ok. I know, it sounds like a usual country song, but trust me, it's good. I had this song stuck in my head for around 2 months after I bought the CD, and if you like country, I bet you'll play it over at least a few times. So make sure you check that out and maybe download it off of iTunes.

Something else this week: the free download that you can get till Tuesday is actually worth downloading. This is the first time I've actually heard the song on the radio before it was free on iTunes. Well, it's by a rising artist named......what's her name....Danielle something......ohhhh yeah. Danielle Peck. It's called I Don't. Not only can it be used for listening, but you can use it to break up with someone in a very mean way. I'm not making it up when I say this song is mean. The last line of the chorus says "The difference is - Jesus loves you - I don't". Yeah. Mean. It's a pretty good song considering she's a new artist. So you might as well check that out considering it's free.

That's all for the musical post this time. but first, a song! I'm blue da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die. Ain't I so good?


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