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Thursday, February 16, 2006

There're Not Done Yet, Even More News About The Nintendo DS!

Yes, they are not done yet. There is even more DS/DS Lite news on the newsfront. But this one is BIG news. This time it is something nearly everyone wants on their DS. I'm talking about a browser and tv tuner!!! First, we will start with the browser. Simply, there will be an Opera based browser on the DS for you to surf the web. This is going to be great for Nintendo's battle against the Sony PSP. Oh yeah, and did I mention, it's not just for the DS Lite, it's also for the DS!! Your welcome cheap gamers out there, Nintendo is looking out for you. The browser will be on DS card and cost $30, but hey, a small price to pay for such a large feature. The next big thing is the tv tuner. It will be a little pack thing that will go into the DS card slot with a antennae on the top. It will then try to beam channels if it can. Ok, people are starting to think that these features will only be in the eastern part of the world, but it might come here (hopefully.) We will see soon if we can check our e-mail, look at our porn and watch our shows on the beautiful double-screened game system.


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