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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apple's Boot Camp, Something Very Unexpected

For so many years Mac and Windows have been big rivals and no one ever thought they would ever team up. Well, we are sorta wrong. Apple has released a new beta that lets you run the Windows OS on you Mac. Why did they want to do this, who knows. I don't see it on their site. Maybe this will finally end the giant feud between Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. Not sure though. On Apple's description it says "you have to bring your own copy to the table" because they Apple doesn't sell or support Microsoft Windows. Odd, but they are letting you install it. Ehh, who knows. Maybe Apple is finally opening the Window to Mac users who have been trapped in the Docks and pretty graphics of Mac in order to show them that there is a different world, the world of start bars and crappy graphics. Yes, oh what a world. Boot Camp is up for Free download of its Beta. If I had a Mac, I would definitely try it out. It seems pretty interesting. You can learn more and download the beta here. Have fun.


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