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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Twilight Princess on Revolution.

Everyone thought it was going to happen. Twilight Princess was going to be backed right onto the Revolution. Well, they were right. Almost.
Asked how the GameCube adventure was progressing, Miyamoto responded: "I would say that we are progressing well with completing it. And one of the most important features is that, because Revolution can run GameCube software, when you play Twilight Princess on Revolution you can take advantage of the Revolution controller."

So, it's going to be half GC and half Revo. Cool. Definitely a good idea for Nintendo. This means that people that have been excited about getting it but won't be able to buy a Revo will still be able to play it. But people with Revos will be able to really use Link's sword. I like that idea a real lot. However, this raises 2 ?'s. 1: does this mean that Twilight Princess won't be coming out until the Revo is out, sometime around Thanksgiving? I really hope not. 2: The most important one: Will it say Revolution or Gamecube at the top of the case? Maybe RevoCube. Or Gamelution. That would be cool.


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