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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

You've probably heard of Larry one way or another, and he decided he was going to get big. Big screen. And it's ok. Here's the very short review:

Plot: There isn't much of one really. But I'll tell you what's there. A big food contest is coming up and someone's sabotaging the best restaraunts in town. It's up to the health inspector to find the sabotager [however you say that]. And guess who's the health inspector. Larry the Cable guy! He and his new assistant, Amy, who he thinks is a guy, soon get to the bottom of it and realize that a person in disquise as a cripple is behind it. It's a really weird plot.

What I Thought: Well, it was ok. All of the acting's fine and everything. I don't get why they wasted Kid Rock on a two minute dream scene though. It's hilarious too if you like the kind of comedy he does. My biggest problem was the plot. Somehow this really didn't feel like a movie, more of a long skit. Otherwise it was really good. Which is why I give it 3 Git'r'dun's out of 5.

See it/Rent it/Forget it:
Well, if you're a real Larry fan, I think you should see it. But if you've never seen him, don't make this the first time you do. Forget it.


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