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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rainbow Six: Vegas, first screenshots, first details

Wow. That's all I can say. Is that really a screenshot? I don't know. God dang, that's hot. Wait. What's the Statue of Liberty doing in Vegas? I guess she took a road trip. Slated for November, this is going to make the Tom Clancy line-up for the year complete. Not much is known yet. It's coming for 360 and PS3, with current gen versions probably coming too. Something interesting, it's coming for PS3 and they say it's going to be released on November 1st in Europe, so does that mean the PS3 will be out by then? I hope. They say that you'll be able to do stuff like rappel down the sides of buildings and bust through windows without watching cutscenes. One other thing, if the enemy aims well and hits you in the chest, you'll die. One shot, you're out. No health bar. Anyway, keep posted for more info. Here's the full first look from IGN. Make sure you click on that picture to look at it full screen, it looks stunning.


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