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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Brothers in Arms is a great WW2 series, and they’re headed next-gen. Now, if you’ve ever played one of the BiA games, you know they’re all tactical, and Hell’s Highway isn’t changing that. It sure as hell is changing a lot though. And let me tell you. It's all good. The setting is Market Garden, which if you don’t know, is in the middle of the Normandy invasion.

The setting isn’t what’s so cool though. The graphics and gameplay are. You can check the screens for the graphics. Amazing, eh? I know. Not only are they focusing on the actual people and gun graphics, but they’re working on shadows and other small things, that when brought together, make an amazing sense of realism.

They’re also adding something called “Bro-mo moments”. I guess it’s like slow-mo….. but bro… what exactly is “bro” speed anyway? Ohhhh!!!! “Bro-mo” is when you see little videos while you’re in the game, like in the trailer when you catch the soldier who gets shot. They’re redesigning the online as well, doing things like making more people be able to play in a single game. Not much else is known yet. Now I’ll explain the trailer if you don’t’ feel like dl-ing it.

It opens with a little WW2 footage about Market Garden, then goes smoothly into gameplay. The coolest part is when you advance into a street and these Germans attack from in a shop. One of your team-mates gets shot, and you catch him (Bro-mo). You then tell your team to lay fire down on the store, yell “SON OF A BITCH”, throw a grenade in, and watch the building explode. Yeah, the building almost comes apart. Brick, wood, and dust all fly out, which looks great. The same thing happens later when you’re going through a field. You shoot some clothes on a clothes-line and the bullets go through, killing a german. It also shows someone shooting up a shed, with all of the boards falling off, one… by one. It’s 1000 kinds of beautiful. Just like when the tank rolls over a jeep, making a screeching noise and slowly crunching it in.

You should really just dl the trailer actually. The cool thing is, the studio says that’s at least what the game will look like, maybe even better. I bet you want to after what I just told you about it. It’s coming in Q4, so keep watching.

Trailer - "BiA: Hell's Highway Official Trailer 1" is the one I watched


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