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Thursday, May 25, 2006

M$ presents... Office 2007!

So, M$ has finally let us try Office ’07. It’s worth the 400 MB of bandwidth to download it because it’s reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally improved over since the last versions. Heck, even if you don’t care about a new version, you can pretty much get a full version of Office for free, at least for now. It’s a Beta though, so some things are missing, but it’s complete for the most part. Everything’s really shiny and they added tons of features. Also there are no more drop down menu things, just tabs. So, you can get Office 07’ for now for the cost of 400MB of bandwidth. I think it’s worth it. Get it here. You can also check out some other Betas when you sign up for the Office one, like the new Visio and Outlook. And some other good news is, you'll be able to get the 2nd beta of Vista in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

Ton, out.


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