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Friday, May 26, 2006

Thoughts on the Wii Price hints....

So yesterday Zam told you guys about how the Wii is going to be “under $250”. Well, I’ve been thinking, and there are some serious problems with that. They were acting like they were going to wow us with $200 or less, but $250 doesn’t do it. First of all, that’s $50 less then the XBOX 360’s Core System. And of course MS will give us a price drop around X-Mas, which could potentially put the 360 under $250. Not very good for Nintendo, because I think more casual gamers want 360s then Wiis. Also, the 360 has a much larger library already. So what I think we’re looking at is $200 or $150.

And if you think about it, it’s only a supercharged Gamecube, which costs $100. The Wii shouldn’t cost $150 more. Though, if they’re going to make it $250, they could be bundling in a second controller and a copy of Wii Sports. What they could also do is, release it at $250, because all of the people who buy it at launch wouldn’t mind that price, and then in a year when regular people can pick them up, drop it a bit.

The big thing I noticed is, they are aiming for non-gamers, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t see a non-gamer paying more then $150. Even $200 would probably get quite a few people. For some reason, $250 seems like a monstrous amount, but $200 seems okay. Probably because that’s half of the 360’s price and 1/3 of the PS3’s

What really matters for me is the price of the virtual console downloads. If they’re like $1 a game, then I don’t care about $250 for the console. I’m just going to wrap it up with a few final thoughts. I remember Peter Moore saying “You can buy a 360 and a Wii for the same price as a PS3”, so it sounds like if anything, Microsoft might want to work with Nintendo to get Sony out. Smart for MS, because the PS3 is their biggest competition. That’s also good for Nintendo, because it would mean MS wouldn’t be trying to undercut the Wii’s price from the get-go. Well, now I’ll tell you that Nintendo released the Japan price. 25,000 yen. That’s $220 US, and the US consoles are usually a little bit less then in Japan. That cuts out a $250 price. Halleluiah.

One other thing. People are beginning to wonder if the Wii will really be ready in November. I mean, they couldn't even ready a few real Wiis for E3. That could be proof that they're behind. Either that or they want to keep the real Wii firepower secret. If that's true, and it's more powerful then what we saw at E3, damn, the graphics will be great on the final product.

Ton, out.


  • Maybe you should look at some of the polls going on. A recent poll was conducted asking some consumers what they were going to purchase. 67 percent said the wii. 360 was 17 percent. The xbox 360 is a great machine but hardcore gamers like me are even not sure of buying it. Last of all but not least I think Nintendo is pulling the wool over our eyes with the graphics. Final deveopment kits are being shipped out in june and most people already know that what they saw at e3 wasn't Wii hardware but was in fact the graphics of the gamecube hardware. Nintendo even said so. This is something to consider also. The graphics chip for the xbox 360 would be cheaper to get today then it was when ms bought one. That means that because of quick changing technology Nintendo could wind up with a powerful graphics chip for a good price. It has been stated also that the graphics for the wii could be on par with the 360. Nintendo has been very tight liped. People may think they have the specs but the fact of the matter is Nintendo hasn't fully finshed the product yet all we know is how we can play games with it. We don't even know yet for sure how the graphics will look. Nintendo isn't just taking the market from sony to they are also taking it from xbox this round. If you don't think so wait till launch day then watch xbox sales and sony sales be behind the new knig of the console wars Nintendo. They alreay stole the show at e3 that says alot. They are comming on like a wild fire I haven't seen in the history of gamming. The underdogs have a way of blowing peoples minds. Look at the New England patriots. That's proof watch out for the underdog they are stronger then people give them credit for

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:40 PM  

  • Well said, well said.

    By Blogger Zam, at 1:25 AM  

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