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Monday, September 25, 2006

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Preview

YAY! Marvel has a new game! Well, this isn't exactly big, exciting news, as some of their other games, weren't exactly................uhh............(they sucked). But anyway, this one looks good. It's called Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. That name just makes me want to play it. It's for basically every console (including the new ones) except for the DS. It's a huge RPG where you take control of over 20 Marvel characters including Captain America, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, Spider-Man (of course), and many, many great others. So, basically, the fate of the Earth and the Marvel Universe (run Stan Lee! RUN!). Kind of a usual story for RPGs. Also, you get to make a team, name it, have a main vehicle for your team, and gain a rep throughout the game. Sounds like Marvel Super Heroes are being put in GTA. But guess what, you don't just battle normal goons and carbon-copied foot soldiers, you get to battle, OTHER MARVEL SUPERHEROES! Awesome! (Well, there are foot soldiers, but just being able to kick superheroes' ass with other superheroes' makes up for it.) There are over 140 CAMEOS TOO! It comes with the usual mode, competetive (battle) and co-op mode. There's probably a free-play mode put in there somewhere. So, this game just sounds....pretty cool....but it's look awesome.

Especially the graphics, they're kickin'! They make all the superheroes' powers look awesome. Very well done. I think I'm gonna enjoy this game, especially since I love Marvel superheroes. So go check out this game when it hits stores on October 24.


  • The Zam is back..!

    Kickin' preview dude.

    By Blogger Ton, at 10:27 PM  

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