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Sunday, September 24, 2006

This Week In GM2

As part of our revival of GM2, each Sunday we're going to write this little summary of what's going on this week on the blog so you can find out if there's something you'll be interested in. If all goes well we might also use this to sum up what happened over the past week and give you links to it if you want to check back on what we've been up to. So here it goes:

This week in GM2 we're going to be getting back to the norm of a year ago, with me doing a review of the funky, weird, and sort of sucky Dance Dance Revolution poser Dance Factory and also one of the 360 MMOCARPG, Test Drive Unlimited. Zam's aiming for a few previews as well, but he hasn't decided of what yet (will update this when he picks which). We're also going to be restarting segments, with Marked Down Mondays a go for tomorrow, and a possibility of a new, revamped Release Recap on Tuesday or Thursday. We're also going to introduce a couple of new, quick segments this week, which we hope you'll like. And of course we'll have some interesting news stories as soon as they hit the e-Desk.

So that's what's happening this week in GM2, hope to see you reading this week (you don't want to know how we will see...).

P.S. Be sure to give major props to Zam for that bitching logo!


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