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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The death of GM2 today?

You read that right, we are strongly considering letting GM2 go in favor of a new, redesigned blog. What we're going to do for now is start up this new blog with me, Zam, and Doug leading the way, and run it for a month or so to see how it works out. If we get a lot of hits and some comments we'll keep going with it and leave GM2 here as an old archive.

The reason we're doing this is because this blog has gotten way off course and we need to redirect what we're trying to do. We also lost tons of readers when we went dry over the summer, which was a very bad move. With this new one I think we we're aiming for is mainly games, but with movies, TV, and music sprinkled in moreso then they are now. We'll also have the occasional hot women on when it fits in. So it's not going to be another Gamer Mania, but something new.

So for a week to two weeks we're going to be not doing any posting unless there's big news, because you have no idea how much work it takes to really plan out a blog if you want it to succeed. We're also going to bank some game and movie reviews to drop all at once in the first week so we can start out with a bang. Doug's going to stay with us and probably help out a lot since he's not only a reader, but he recently made a new blog from an old one and in two months he's getting 400 hits a day. We have also acquired a new member by the name of Cat, who is definitely going to bring some diversity to a staff of 3 guys. Not only is she a woman but she lives in Europe, so she'll be able to give some very different opinions than we do. And soon the inevitable "Do you really game?!!?!?" questions will come...

And for all you GM2 fans don't worry, we're going to keep a lot of what we do here. We just want to add now that we've learned a lot from this blog. We'll keep you updated on how it's going with things like the name, what we're going to do in the first week, and when exactly we think it's going to start. And we'll give you a link once it's done.

Just stay with us guys, we promise it's about to get very good, very soon.


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