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Thursday, October 19, 2006

360 is getting a what? 100GB Hard drive? Party time is in order!

At the Microsoft-centric X06 Korea, some pictures of a bigger Xbox 360 hard drive have surfaced courtesy of Korean game site Game Inside. The photos appear to have been taken during a presentation hyping the new Xbox 360 accessories that are on their way, including the force feedback steering wheel, the wireless headset, and a 256MB memory card.

But what's of real interest to gamers starving for more HD space is the image of a hard drive emblazoned with the phrase "100GB." There isn't any other information on the hard drive (in English, anyway), and Microsoft has not announced anything on this side of the pond.

Wahoo. I have used all but 3GB of my 20GB hard drive on my 360 so this is very welcome to me. They might as well announce if for North America, becaues if it's coming in Korea, that's not going to be the only place. 2 questions though:

1) How expensive is this thing going to be? I mean, the 20GB is $100! I think the most they can charge really is $150, which isn't cheap, but it's not exactly expensive. That would also mean that the 20GB would probably drop down to $50-75, which is good for anyone who doesn't need the space.

2) Are we going to be able to transfer from our 20GBs to these 100GBs?

Anyway, at least this will finally stop the PS3ers bragging about how their hard drives are bigger. But it will start 360ers.. joy.


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