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Friday, September 16, 2005

Catch Up on all the recent Tech News in Tech News Thursdays

Hey guys it’s almost the end of the week and we’ve introduced all of our segments….or have we? WELCOME TO TECH NEWS THURSDAYS!!! First of all, the big news this week is the iPod Nano. BREAKING NEWS!!! THE NINTENDO REVOLUTION CONTROLLER IS A MYSTERY NO LONGER!!!Aaaah a ghost! Oh wait it's a Nintendo Revolution, easy mistake, it's just as weird.THAT IS RIGHT IT IS REVEALED AND IT IS WEIRDER THEN WEIRD (see pictures and you will understand)! No, I am not kidding, this is the real controller. IT IS A REMOTE CONTROL WITH A HANDHELD JOYSTICK! Of course there will be more attachments other then the handheld stick thingy. To make it odderer then it is already, when you move the actual controller, it will control the game. That will be very good for FPS games, but it could be just down right annoying some times. I don’t understand it either but then again I never have understood Nintendo, and now I am lost beyond being found. I am looking into the future and I see Nintendo’s Revolution sales being very bad. Ok returning to regular news, the iPod Nano. It is smaller than a penny! Not really, it is actually like the size of a credit card. Now you can’t tell me that isn’t small. Well actually you can but I am not going to listen. It is going to be available in white and black for you Goths out there. The Nano is available in 2 GB and 4GB capacities. They have color displays too, so now you can look at black and white music lists in color! The problem is that they are $200 for 2GB and $250 for 4GB. If you really care about size, the NanoNintendo - Making the future look weirder and weirder every day is for you, but I think I will stick with the regular iPod for only like $100 more and a ton more space. Good luck getting one though, they were just released and Best Buy is already sold out, the world is being Nanofied as I speak! Also, since the world has been Nanofied, the world is being un-Minified. That is right, the iPod Mini which we all know and love so dearly is being discontinued! Yes, I know this is horribly sad, but we all have to move on. In other news, Ebay has bought the free (not for long) internet calling program, Skype. Maybe when you buy something from Ebay, you’ll get minutes on Skype. It’s just an idea people, take it or leave it. Why Ebay bought this company, I have absolutely NO idea. The next crumb of news this week is the XBOX 360 tentative release date has been set back to a real release date. You have to wait 20 more days for your XBOX 360, how sad for you. That is right, it’s coming out on November 22nd, instead of the earlier guess of November 1st. In other other news, iTunes and Motorola have released a phone. It’s called the ROKR, but this is far from a roking phone. First of all, $250 freaking dollars with a 2 year agreement. That is not that bad part though, it will only hold 100 songs!!!! I say you might as well just buy a Motorola RAZR and an iPod Shuffle, but it’s your money to waste. A small tidbit of news, Ricoh, the reaaaaaally old camera maker company, has announced their next digital camera, which will be 5 megapixels. Last big news this week is that Microsoft announced that their new OS, Windows Vista, will be available in 7 versions…WHO NEEDS THAT MANY VERSIONS OF ANYTHING? Oh yeah that’s right, Apple iPod. Let’s see if I can say all of these right, there is the Starter Edition, Home Premium Edition, Home Basic Edition, Enterprise Edition, Small Business Edition, Professional Edition, and Ultimate Edition Wasn't the iPod Nano supposed to have color? I just see black and white(you should buy Ultimate Edition, the biggest waste of the most money). No prices have been set as well as no details on how you will upgrade from XP to these different versions. They’re all pretty obvious, Standard is standard, Home basic is home edition, home premium is improved home edition, Enterprise and Small business are something for businesses, Professional is Pro edition, and Ultimate is what I will be buying because it is for gamers. That pretty much sums up all the Tech News this Thursday.



  • That controller is freaky. Since I stole a pic from your page, I put a link to you guys. I'm gonna add a permenant one today with all the other sites I visit. When you get a chance, stop by and see what I'm talking about. Trust me, it's a little of everything.


    By Blogger asdf, at 11:29 AM  

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