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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I hate lame websites...That is why there are Website Wednesdays

Ok, now before we start DS week, I am going to introduce you to our new segment for Wednesdays, Website Wednesdays!!! Today's website is a search engine. But this is no normal search engine. It is called Gizoogle. It is pretty much Google, but it turns all of your search results gansta' biach! It is so funny. If you search for a subject like cheese, it turns the results gansta'. So if you go to Google and search for cheese, the first result is, CHEESE.COM - All about cheese!. Everything you want to know about cheese. Extensive search features. - 14k - Cached - Similar pages. When you search on Gizoogle, the first result is the same exact site, but the description is, CHEESE.COM - All `bout Cheese!. Everyth'n you wizzant ta kizzle `bout cheese. Extensive search features. - 14k. Get it. It is really, really fun and funny to do this. There is also a text transilator from regular talk to Tizzle talk. Type anything in and it turns it gangsta'. There is also links to games and some top websites. This website is great for a good laugh, and if you do speak that way, it is a way to search in your language. So go to this site to laugh you ass off, biach!!!


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