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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cheat your way through life with Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!

WELCOME….to Tips and Tricks Tuesdays hosted by Ton (valid today only). In this segment, we will be giving you game cheats, hacks, modding tips, and much more. Today, I will have a few cheats and a tip or two on device speed. First up, a hack for my favorite Star Wars game so far, Battlefront. This will work on all systems and it is hilarious. When signing into the game after you first turn it on, enter your name as Jub Jub. Once you do this, when you play all your Ridge Racers on the PSPcharacters will be midgets. Yes, Baby Wars has finally caught on like I knew it would. It is so funny to look at an anti-air turret and see a little dot in it instead of a regular person. If this gets popular enough, maybe they’ll change Episode 3 to Star Wars: Revenge of the Babies! Moving on, I have an over clocking (kind of) tip for all you Pocket PC Users like me. First of all, buy yourself a GB memory card so you can store all your stuff somewhere. Don’t know where to get one for cheap? Hmmm I wonder where you could get one (Psst there’s a link to a 1GB card for $60 here!). Once you have done that, clear off everything you have put on the memory of the PPC. Then go into Settings – System – Memory and pull the slider as far to the left as it will go. That will transfer all the memory to running programs, so you can game away next time you are at a meeting or at school. Next up is Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo thought they would be smart by making 3 versions of the game and putting different dogs on each. Well I did not want to spend $90 so I found a way around it. When you reach 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 10,000, 14,000, and 17,000 trainer points (the little things you get when your dog sparkles,I wonder what this is.... shiny shiny!), you will unlock new dog breeds. Also, when you find the Jack Russel Book item, you unlock the Jack Russell Terrier, and when you find the firefighter hat, you unlock the Dalmatian. You can unlock 4 new types of houses to buy at certain trainer point #’s. There is even a space station you can live on, the weird thing is that when you go on walks from it, you still are on Earth, I guess you have a Star Trek crew member and you told him to beam you down. Last in this dog eat dog world of ours, as you gain trainer points, you unlock items that you can buy. To finish this T&T Tuesday, I will give a cheat or 2 for Ridge Racers on that nice little thing called the PSP (Whatever that is). First, when you are entering a race, on the track and car confirm screen, hold down Select so you can sing Zoom Zoom Zoom. This will unlock unlimited nitrous oxide! The other Ridge Racers won’t stand a chance against my continuous stream of blue fire!!! One other odd thing is if you drift into a turn, it will steer through the curve for you and keep you in the middle of the road. That is it, it is over. I hope these trick and tips help you!



  • I really enjoy your comments,
    Congrats I really do,
    Hope you enjoy my riddles,
    As much as I enjoy MOO!!! [lol]
    I am the lonely Riddler,
    And always shall be,
    I know who you are Ton,
    I know because I see! [lol]
    enjoy the riddle/poem...
    The Riddler

    By Anonymous Will, at 5:48 PM  

  • Yes, and I know you very well little Mrs. Riddler. Glad you like the blog.

    By Anonymous Ton, at 12:36 AM  

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