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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'M BACK!!!!

Yes, I, Zam, am back. Well, I took a trip away from Ceperatan this weekend. I went to New York City, NY. Oh, what a great city. Also, I couldn't believe my luck. Before I tell you about the luck part, I finally got to play with the GBA Micro! It is a great system, and is about the size of an iPod. Beautiful screen, the buttons are perfect, the thing is great. If you don't have a GBA, get this one! Ok, now to get onto my luck. SHIGERU MIYAMOTO WAS AT NINTENDO WORLD!! Yes, the creator of Nintendo's best such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong was in the States. He was signing from 10:30-1:30. I waited online for 5 hours! Still didn't get to meet him though. I really wanted to, but was unfortunate, but I got to see him! He came out in the window and started dancing and having a great time. Everyone yelled things such as, "Nin-ten-do!" and "Who are you?!" and "Rev-o-lut-ion!" It was great, tons of fun. Being online was really fun. There were so many wireless games going on. I got pwned by this girl named Anna so many times in Meteos. And there was a lot of interesting stuff. This one guy had a GBA Micro Famicom Special Edition he got off eBay, one guy had a perfect condition Nintendo Power Glove (which he got signed), and one guy was playing Jump Superstars(!!!), and one guy was playing EletroPlankton. They also started giving out FREE pizza and water bottles to everyone!! At 8:00am. It was cool. Ok, I will admit it, I am a Nintendo Fanboy at heart, but if I was a true one, I would be there overnight. There were 30 people that did that! The first one in line was from Kentucky, and was there from 11am the day before! 25 hours!! For all of those people, like me, who didn't get to meet him, got a DS skin signed by him. The covers are really cool, but cheap. It was an amazing experience. Oh yeah, and also, MTV was there! They interviewed two guys that were right in front of me. I got in a bunch of shots. Everyone there was surprised that MTV was there, but G4 didn't make an appearance. We were all expecting Brendan Moran to come and make fun of all the fanboys, but he didn't. So, overall, it was worth is. Oh yeah, and also, I did get to see a movie being filmed. The Devil Wears Prada was being filmed in The Big Apple when I was there, right next to the line. It starred Anne Hathoway (HOT). It was cool to see that. So, I had an amazing vacation, and I know you all don't care about it.


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