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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nintendo DS review

What's silver and has 2 screens? This thingy!Sorry that DS week has kind of been spread out, we've kind of been busy. Now to finally end it up, a review of the DS. This two-screen touchable wonder is surprisingly cool. First off the features are great, a microphone, 2 screens, one touch screen, wifi multiplayer, and soon online multiplayer for free thanks to Nintendo. Thank you Nintendo for making everything weirder then it already is. This is a really cool handheld like I said before, it's very innovative, except it's uniqueness (weirdness) makes it kind of hard for developers to make games for it. Developers aren't really using the DS's abilities very much either. The DS is available in Electric Blue and Silver. It has a download play feature for multiplayer so if your friends don't have a certain game that you want to play multiplayer on, you might be able to download a kind of demo to their DS so they can play. Another cool feature is the Pictochat, it is preinstalled and it lets you chat with your friendsAHHHH GHOST STYLUS!!! wirelessly using pictures and text. Obviously it can play DS games and also GBA games as well. It doesn't play movies like the PSP does :-(. Then again the games are microscopic, which is a good thing/bad thing, I'd rather not lose a game I payed $30 for. That's right, the games are like $30-$40, unlike greedy Sony who wants $50 for the PSP games. Also, as of now the DS is like half the price of the PSP at $130. Oh yes did I mention that it doesn't use memory cards like the PSP does (Yippee!), it saves right on the game like Game Boys have always done. I have said PSP too much in this review. That pretty much closes it up. I give the Dual Screen DS (I don't think thats a coincidence) 5 stylus rubs out of 5. (Check out Meteos and Nintendogs if you get one!)



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  • 5 stylus rubs out 5. That's good.

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:12 AM  

  • Yeah that's reaaally good. I don't totally know if it deserves 5, well the system does, but the way it is being used doesn't. This is a review of the system so...

    By Anonymous Ton, at 1:14 AM  

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