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Thursday, September 22, 2005

What is going on this week in Tech?.....Find out in Tech News Thursdays

It's Thursday, which means it is time for Tech News Thursdays!! There is a LOT to cover today. First, lets start off with some big news, EA is one step closer to becoming the next Microsoft. Their publishing rival, Ubisoft, may be sold to them. CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, stated that the company would be open to "The Right Offer." This is big in the video game market, we can only imagine what EA could do to Tom Clancy's video game line, and many other popular Ubisoft series. Who knows what will happen, next up is that EA is going to own you soul. They already own the rights to almost every sport on the planet. Now lets move along to a product just released today, The Game Boy Micro. It is the smallest Game Boy ever made, they say it is about half the size of an iPod, but i doubt that is true. It comes in an odd box, very odd box. The Micro is said to have the clearest screen, but it may seem like it is hard to see, but is it pretty perfect. Now, for out next news story. Google WiFi. People have just discovered software that lets them connect to a free internet service. It was Google's, they just set up some FREE wifi hot spots near their main headquarters. Such as some pizza places and gyms (because you would rather go on the internet than excersice). This is pretty much commercialism for Google to make people use their search engine. Smart though. They are apparently trying to compete with before companies that offered free wifi such as, JiWire and HotSpotVPN. Moving on, there is exciting news in the browser market. The company, Opera, has just released their browser in a free, non-ad, version. For those of you that are not familiar with Opera, they originally had software that costs $345 a year, which was full of ads. They were known for thier browser that went on Pocket PCs because of it's small size. Now they are ad-free! This is great! They are doing this to compete with Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer who offered their browser software for no charge, and ad-free. They will probably win because of the Pocket PC users, using their software. You can download their new, free, browser here. Moving along, Nokia, the World's leading mobile phone maker, has sold thier One Billionth phone. Of course the buyer of the phone won the Nokia home game, and a free ice cream cone. This is big for Nokia. They are probably having parties and sipping champaine as we speak. Now, one more story. For all of you people that wanted a Teal colored Nintendo DS, and also wants Nintendogs. Well, this holiday season, Nintendo is releasing a Teal colored Nintendo DS that is packed with a copy of Nintendogs. This will make Nintendo a lot of money, and will give all of you a good deal if you only want the DS for Nintendogs. So, wait until this holiday season to see it on shelfs. Now muffins, that wrappes up this week's Tech New Thursdays. Come back next week for more tech news.



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