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Saturday, September 24, 2005

More Flash Fridays because you asked for it (not really but we like pretending we care what you want)

Welcome another Flash Friday, I have found some cool games that I think you will like. First of all, have you ever heard shoot for the moon and if you fall you might catch a star? Well that's kind of what you do in Shoot For the Sky, except you might hit a cloud if you miss the moon, not a star. The point of the game is to shoot a lamb or sheep (basically something white and furry) out of a cannon at clouds, if you hit a cloud, you get to shoot from that cloud to the next one. You can even gain extra points by cloud hopping (skipping a cloud or two). Next up is a game called Heli Attack 3. This game is very advanced for Flash, it's a 2-d side scroller with pretty good graphics. In it, you are this weird fat guy and you have all sorts of different guns from flamethrowers to machine guns. The point of the game is to defeat a certain number of helicopter/gain a certain number of points. It is actually a lot more fun and a lot harder then it sounds, and I think it sounds pretty fun to begin with. It will even save what level you are on if you ever go back and don't want to start over. Lastly, a game that most people will like. Who didn't love the classic game Brickout? I know I did, and I have been looking for a good version of the game online. I found a pretty good one called Ricochet: Lost Worlds. It is like most other ones but it has like 50 levels and I think it's pretty cool. Also, if you have a little bit of time lying around you might as well check out this game called Robot Rage, it's pretty stupid but if you have nothing better to do then do this. That's all the flashy goodness I've got for you this week, this is Ton, signing off.



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