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Friday, September 30, 2005

This week's TNT is Dyn-o-mite!

The Game Boy Advance SP in Pearl BlueWow a lot has happened this week in Tech. First of all, the iPod Nano's just blew up in Apple's face. Tons of people who bought them had broken screens within like a week. Of course Apple is going to replace them, but this is just showing how fragile they are, which is a bad thing. I mean really, what's going to happen next, will they start breaking in half easier then potato chips? The next piece of news is about the Nintendogs/DS bundle that Zam toldThe Nanos break in half on purpose - it adds portability you about last week. He said they were coming in teal, well, they have also decided that all the little girlys out there need a pink version. It has been announced that they will cost $150, and include Nintendogs: Best Friends, a Nintendo DS, a bone shaped screen cleaner, and a Nintendogs DS skin. If you are asking yourself what Best Friends Edition is, I am going to tell you so slap yourself in the face and be quiet. It is regular Nintendogs with the 6 starting dogs being, Lab Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Beagle, Yorkies, and Dachshund. I would buy this if I didn't already have a DS, I might still buy it though, I want the bone shaped screen cleaner. By the way, it is being released on October 24th. RESIDENT EVIL IS COMING TO THE DS!!!.......In Japan........That's right, RE is being turned DS, and once a game turns DS, there's no turning back. In Japan it is being called Biohazard: Deadly Silence, which in English translates to Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Sadly, no date has been set for a US release of RE:DS (That is kind of odd). For some very stupid reason, Nintendo is coming out with 2 new GBA:SP colors. WHY?!?!?! TheThe Nintendo Revolution is breaking out its big guns! Micro is out so really, no one wants an SP. Anyway, the 2 new colors are Pearl Blue and Graphite, how special. Nintendo is really laying back lately, first LOZ: Twilight Princess gets delayed, and now they are delaying Metroid Prime: Hunters. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???!!??? At least they have given a good reason, they are adding online multiplayer, which is a welcome feature. A little note, Animal Crossing DS is now Animal Crossing: Wild World. Sadly, we have to wait to December 5th to taste the AC goodness. Nintendo is really taking up this edition of dynamite (TNT). Next up to bat is Burnout Legends on the DS!!! FINALLY!!! It was announced before, but now there are a bunch of details on it. There will be 12 tracks and 10 cars, a bigThe Nintendo DS in Pearl Pink, the DS of choice for girls of all ages boost over the PSP version. All of the cars you know and love from the old Burnout games are here, including the '30s Gangster car. Also, in crash mode, you will use the touch screen to steer your car into targets (AKA cars). There is a new James Bond movie coming out in 2006 called Casino Royale. This time James Bond may or may not be Pierce Brosnan, they haven't decided yet. MIT is being cheap and making a $100 Linux laptop, you don't need me to tell you it will suck. Also, some idiots were stupid enough to illegally release Star Wars Episode 3 online a DAY before it came out. For one thing, they weren't making any money from doing it, and two, it was ONE DAY before the movie was released. They wereGoodness gracious great balls of fire! asking to be arrested. In other news, Intel and Microsoft have decided to back HD-DVD, which is a massive deal. This will really affect what next-gen DVD format will be used the most. Also, you know that movie that is coming out in 2007......ummm.......I forgot the name. Oh yeah Spiderman 3, well, it has been proven that Topher Grace will play Venom and Thomas Haden Church will play the Sandman. I don't know about you, but I think Tobey Mcguire vs. Topher Grace is going to be the biggest slap-fight the world has ever seen. As well, the funniest thing I have ever heard on the news happened this week, dolphin assassins armed to the fins with lasers are rampaging in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparentely the navy trained dolphins to kill terrorists with laser beams, and during the hurricanes, they got out. There are 36 , yes, 36 killer dolphins in the gulf. We can only hope dolhpins know theThe shotgun of the future difference between regular people and terrorists. What next? Kittens flying fighter jets? Lambs with rocket launchers? Who knows. The last thing that happened this week is IGN has started to make concepts of what the Revoution controller could do. The first concept I have seen is a shotgun, check it out, it is hot though so have your air-conditioned controllers armed and loaded. That is all the tech news this week, I shall leave now to let it all soak in.


  • Man that gun is pretty damn cool. Maybe this controller has some serious potential I overlooked at first.

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:17 AM  

  • I know, that thing is awesome. I feel the same, this thing could rock the world. Of course, Nintendo did not come up with this concept, IGN did, but I see nothing holding Nintendo back from doing this.

    By Blogger Ton, at 3:26 PM  

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