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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1000 HITS!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Just few minutes ago, we got 1,000 hits!!! This is big! We are so glad that our blog has become such a hit. We hope all of you enjoy all of it. We would thank to thank all of you. Especially our loyal readers, yes we mean you d.s. Well, on behalf of Ton and I, THANK YOU!!!!


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:29 PM  

  • Half of those are you.

    By Blogger Timothy, at 6:49 PM  

  • What does that mean?

    By Anonymous Zam, at 6:50 PM  

  • No they aren't, some of them are us, but we are sure that nowhere near 500 are. We aren't the kind of guys that just sit here and refresh the page over and over again.

    By Anonymous Ton, at 7:56 PM  

  • OOHHHH, that is what you mean. Nah, we didn't refresh 500 times. I would say about 150 of those are us. But still, 1000 hits.

    By Anonymous Zam, at 8:16 PM  

  • Hey 1000 hits is 1000 hits. Who cares if check back to see if anybody commented. You guys have a nice blog. Hopefully it continues to grow.

    By Blogger asdf, at 9:32 PM  

  • Thanks d.s. Your blog is really good too, I don't understand why you counter only has 339 on it. It should be in the 900s by now. If anyone reads these comments, go to his site, it is on the sidebar under links.

    By Anonymous Zam, at 9:48 PM  

  • Yeah thats how I feel too, I don't even refresh it to check the comments, i just click the comments and see if there are new ones and refresh that. Thanks, I think it will continue to grow as we add more features which we will be doing (like the Gamers Opinion)

    By Anonymous Ton, at 9:54 PM  

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