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Monday, October 03, 2005

Introducing the new and improved Marked Down Mondays (Not really it just sounds good)

Time for a new and [not] improved Marked Down Monday. First off I know you all like flash drives, really, they're like little baby hard drives and they are so cuuuuute. I have a really good deal, a 1GB baby hard drive (flash drive) for only $50!!! That is one kitten of a deal! So go gobble up that kitten (eww) and then bounce on over to this next deal. Now that I flashed that 1GB baby hard drive in your face, you need to go find it's mom and dad. Luckily, I have saved you the trouble of looking and found it's mom and dad, and let me tell you, they are reaaaaaaally big. I mean 300GB (Maxtor Hard Drive) big, and they will sell their lives to you for the small fee of $90! So don't leave your baby hard drive an orphan, go buy it's mom and dad. Now that you have a happy family of hard drives, how about getting them some music to listen to? I think you should, why not get them the Legend of Zelda 2 disc soundtrack? You'll only have to spend $8 on it too! It may be cheap but the music isn't cheap, so your hard drive family will be even happier. Since your big PC is now a home to a nice family, it's time to give your little PC some good stuff. How about a CompactFlash card that has wifi and 128 MB of storage for low low price of $32. I mean 128 Mb isn't much, but it can hold a lot of programs and stuff like that, and the wifi is really useful. Not like you can read anything online with it but hey it's really cool when people ask if you can go online on your Pocket PC and you can say "Of course, who can't?" and then getting the enjoyment of them looking all annoyed because they don't have it but pretend they do. If you have a Pocket PC, why not pick up this Palm Tungsten T5 so it doesn't get lonely? If you dont already have a Pocket PC, just get this so you don't get lonely, it will help (Actually it works better if you have one of these and a Nintendog). It is time to end this friends and family themed Marked Down Monday. The end.


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