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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Man, deals, websites, news, flash games, but where are the cheats?...Here they are, It's Tips & Tricks Tueday!

A tip, a trick, oh what joyful things. Almost as joyful as Jell-O, which I love. Yes, that is right, it now time for everyone's favorite segment (ok, maybe not) Tips & Tricks Tuesday! Today, we have plenty of cheats and some tips for you, starting off with Burnout Revenge. Now, if you want some serious advertising, try unlocking the Logitech World Racer. Just successfully complete the Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GP (if you have the game, you know what this means.) Now everyone shall feel your wrath with you extreme commercialism of doom, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Also, if you have Madden 06', you can unlock the Madden van. More commercialism!! Just have a saved game file from Madden on the memory card you are using, pwn with you car that has a game on the side named after a large, white haired, scary man. You will be riding in style. Oh yeah! Next up to bat is the newly released game, X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse. I have some Xbox cheats, and some PS2 cheats (best of both worlds, yay.) First the Xbox, I have 2 codes for all of you that bought it for the brick console that was never sold in Japan. To unlock all of the comics, at the review menu, just press Right, Left(2 times), Right, Up(2 times), then Right. This shall unlock all of you precious comics, so you don't have to wait til Wednesday, Yay! To unlock all of the cinematechs, which everyone needs to watch, just (at the review menu), press Left, Right (2 times), Left, Down (2 times), left, Down (again, 2 times), and, finally, left. This shall unlock all of you cinematechs, so you don't have to wait til Friday for a movie to come out, YAY!!! The Ps2 codes for this are the same exact thing!! That is easy to remember. Now that we have gone to the X-Men world, let us move to another Marvel game, whoopie. Marvel Nemesis: Rise of The Imperfects has just recently been released, and it has been said to suck, but people still bought it. I have some cheat codes for all of you, especially for you comic pervs. You will know what I mean in a few, but first, let us unlock all of the Fantastic 4 comics. Just enter "SAVAGELAND". This will make all of you Marvel fanboys happy with all of the Fantastic 4 comics, especially Susan Stormm (hello, hello.) Now it is time for the perverts. To unlock Electra's swimsuit card, just enter "NZONE" as a code. But I won't stop there, how about Solara and Storm's swimsuit cards. Now all of you lonely guys that can only rely on virual women (all of our readers) can enjoy this game. Ok, ok, I will get to the codes, just, have you seen Kirstie Allen lately, wow has she gotten skinny......fine the codes. To unlock Solara's swimsuit card, just simply enter in "THEHAND" as a code. For all of you with dirty minds, yes, wow. To unlock Storm's swimsuit card,(to reveal her real blizzard) just enter "REIKO" as a code. Oh yeah, now are you happy. Now you can actually do something with you Marvel Nemesis game. Ok, that was wrong, but you are welcome. Now lets finish off with some little unlockables for one of Ton and I's favorite Japanese games, Katamari Damacy!!! Apparently, there are three hidden levels know as Eternal levels. I will now tell you how to unlock these three hidden levels, you curious perverts. Well, to unlock eternal level 1, go to the level, "Make a Star 4". Once there, roll up a ball to exactly 1m, 30cm, and 3mm. This will unlock level one. Level one getting old, how about eternal level 2? To unlock this one, go to Make a star 8, and roll up a katamari 25m, this will unlock level 2! Yay! Still not satisfied, c'mon what do I have to do for you people. Ok, ok, eternal level 3. To do this, go to the "Make the Moon" level. Roll up a katamari 800m big. Wow. This will unlock the final eternal level. Ok gamers, I am done with this week's edition of Tips & Tricks Tuesday. C'mon, I let you see Marvel characters in swimsuits, you better thank me. Fine, well lets see if Ton can please all of you perverts next week.


  • zam man, i'm a comic perv. lol. actually i don't get off on comic woman, other then jessica rabbit, that was one hot piece of ass. i'll have to try those legends codes

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:33 PM  

  • Haha. Nice one Zam. I guess I'll have to try out the Legends ones like DS is.

    By Blogger Ton, at 11:39 PM  

  • LOL, I figured all of you would like it. Perfect cheat, making comic pervs all over the world filled with joy. Hope you guys enjoy them.

    By Blogger Zam, at 5:51 PM  

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