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Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Mommy, What Games Came Out This Week?" "I Don't Know Jimmy, Let's Ask Release Recap!!"

Zam here with another great edition of Release Recap! Not a lot came out this week, but some good did, and some bad did. First, let's start with the good. I have heard a lot about this game, but I haven't played it. So seeing as how it is so popular, I will put it in the good part. I am talking of course about Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. Apparently in this game, the story starts with.... centuries ago, four immortal heroes set out to kill the most powerful emperor their age had ever known. They failed, and for their crimes, three were crucified on a great tree at the bottom of the world. Then the dude they tried to kill haunts them and they try to kill him again. Intersting story. I might go rent this one, but you can do whatever you want for it. Next, the ever famous Final Fantasy has a new edition for the GBA. It is the third part of the ports to the GBA (third because I & II were in the same cartridge.) This one is Final Fantasy IV: Advance. If you played this one on another system, it is pretty much the same, for the rest, it is pretty much the same as all Final Fantasy games (most likely) like all of them are. So if you are a big, big fan like a lot of people are, go and get this, but for people like me, get it on console. Finally for the good stuff, big, tough, ripped guys slamming each other against ropes and caged walls. Yes, I am talking about WWE Smackdown VS. RAW 2006 for the PSP. Now, I have played 2005 at my friend's house and let me just tell you, it is good, but I don't know how it will be on a PSP. It is pretty much like all wrestling games, you fight with big people. So yeah, there you go. That is all for the good stuff, next up, the stuff that is just starting out that no one has played yet so there is no opinion (AKA: new stuff that is unjudged.)

Ok, here is the new stuff that is unjudged. This first one is actually not a new one, but is for the US. It was very popular in Japan and is now being transferred here on the PSP. I am talking about Armored Core: Formula Front. This looks like a mech-game, but I don't know having never played it. Next, Chaosfield for the Gamecube. This is like an advanced Galaga, or Galaxium (that style of game.) Yes, it is a vertical shooter. You get to shoot missles and bla.......probably just a 3-D Galaga. Finally, a GTA clone. It is called Crime Life: Gang Wars and it is for the PC. It is a free-roaming, crime-based beat-em-up. You are a gang leader and you try to get away from the cops, hmm, sound familiar. Yes, a clone. Ok, that is all for the new stuff that is unjudged, next up, crap.

Yes, now it is time for everyone's favorite part of RR, the crap. The first game is for people with no lives who cried when this show ended and knows every last part of what happened. This is of course, Friends: The One With All The Trivia. This is of course a trivia game. It is not even a game, it is pretty much console Jeopardy about a very popular tv show. Not really something you would give up a limb for, but ehh, if you like the show. Next is the PC game Big Kahuna Reef. This is a bunch of puzzles based underwater with many frames such as a fish. One of those budget titles that take up a bunch of your time. Nextly is the PSP game Ultimate Block Party. I didn't find any screens, but this looks like a port of Bejeweled. From the description I read, it sounded exactly like Bejeweled so we will see, but it still looks like crap. Going on, we have another PSP game called Pinball Hall of Fame. Of course you know from the title this is a pinball game. Just a pinball game. You get the idea, very self-explanitory. Nextlyfied is another PSP game, more specifily, a sequel to a series that didn't get that good of marks. This is the Midway Arcade Treasures this one with the subtitle Extended Play. This is a port form the console games to the PSP. It has a bunch of old arcade games on it, but still, they are old and a lot of them suck. So, it is crap. Finally, something that is not on the PSP, but on the PC. It is called Heavyweight Thunder and it is a boxing game. You are a boxer and you box people while doing to boxing all over the boxers while beating some boxing ass. Yeah, it is just boxing. VERY self-explanitory. Ok, this next one is not crap, but I really am on the line of the concept of the game, poker. It is World Championship Poker 2 for, once again, the PSP. I don't know about this game, but some people live for these games. I really didn't get this much into the now very popular game (ok, "sport" happy?) This is just a poker game in my eyes, but to some people, it is game of the year. So, I am on the line. Ok, that is all for this amazing edition of Release Recap which I know that you all enjoyed, well, I did. Yippee.


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